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Company Profile

Shanghai TiGON Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., TiGON, was founded in Y2000 by a group of LonWorks experts, has independently developed a broad range of products for LonWorks appliances with delighted market recognition. Furthermore, variety of innovative automation controllers for different industries being continuous successfully developed and delivered worldwide, finally built TiGON competent edges and established her fame as controller specialist.


Products & Services

TiGON has an ambitious strategy of innovation, quality and efficiency and actively pursues partnerships to broaden its lineup. In this way, we make automation controller networkized, safer, smarter and easier to use, serving our market needs with an ever larger and more effective array of solutions while developing customized, value-creating services.



LonWorks Products

Connectivity Products

  • LonWorks to BACNet

  • BACNet to Modbus

  • M-Bus to Modbus

Wireless Industrial Controls

Universal Industrial Controllers & Sensors

  • Programmable Automation Controller

  • Ethernet Remote I/O Module

  • Modbus Remote I/O Module

  • OpenPLC Nano Controller

  • Graphic Logic Controller

  • Temperature / Humidity Sensor

ISA100.11a FHSS Radio Board

Intrinsic Safety Barriers & Isolated Barriers

  • Discrete / Analog Barriers w/ Functional Safety

  • Current / Voltage / RTD / Temperature / Thermocouple Signal Converter

  • Surge Protection Device

Safety Relay & Controller

  • Emergency Stop / Safety Guard Monitoring

  • Two Hands Controls

  • Timed Contacts

  • Zone Speed Monitoring

Customized Controller & Interface ( ODM / OEM for Simple Machines )

FFU controller-LonWorks, Modbus, Ethernet

Turn Key Solutions

  • Automated Metering System

  • Asset Management System

  • Supply Chain Management System

  • Process Monitoring System

  • Production Schedule & Planning System

  • Manufacturing Information System

Elevator Controller - LonWorks, ARM
Injection Molding Machine Controller - HMI, PLC Air Compressor Controller - PLC, HMI Fountain Controller - MCU, smart relay




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