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FFU Control & Monitoring System

This system has been designed to monitoring and control fan filter units (FFUs) to maintain clean-room conditions for semiconductor production lines or medical operations to achieve safety, reproducibility, easy to operate and energy efficiency. This system can be also used in monitoring environmental varieties like temperature and humidity, or working status of critical equipments, and managing or optimizing energy usages together with other controllers from Shanghai TiGon Intelligence Technology or third parties.


Single-Phase AC Motor Controller

Model: FCU102

Modbus RTU 50/60Hz 95-250VAC Single-phase


  • Controls two Fan filter units simultaneously and individually for 24 hours

  • Linear control wind speed, from 30%* to 100%

  • Modbus RTU network compliant

  • Local and Remote operation options

  • Manual or Automation modes available

  • Scheduler/Calendar supported with set speeds for weekdays or off days. Real time clock embedded and synchronized

  • Soft-Start supported with deterministic 0-26s delay considering power load impacts

  • Closed loop control, accepts FFU currents feedbacks

  • Fault safety supported with LEDs indicate idle load, overload or communication errors, alarm outputs with dry contact and sound options

  • Authentification mechism option available to prevent unwanted changes from occuring

  • Non-volatile memory keeps setting even power goes out, re-starts or network connection is broken

  • 50Hz or 60Hz compatible

  • Low power consumption, transformer isolated

  • Low harmonics

  • Compact design, L97.6mm x W106mm x H81.1mm

  • DIN rail mounting or ceil mounting

  • Configurable standard firmware supplied pre-loaded, support for custom program development available

*Note: Recommended range may vary for different motor models


Fan Filter Control Unit (FCU102) is a compact, TRIAC based fan & motor control designed for applications like clean room pressurization, ceiling fans, exhaust ventilators, pumps, duct fans & blowers.  Also it provides a cost effective way to have a intelligent and networkable system. Benefits of using FCU102 include acoustical noise reduction, environmental (pressure or flow) regulation, greater system reliability, increased fan life, improved safety and energy savings.

Finanical Benefit

For operation owners of minienvironments within large cleanrooms or small installations (100 FFUs or less) which dominate the market need (over 90% of all installations), whatever if they want centralized control at a reasonable cost, or require frequent adjustment of flow rates, or just for energy conservation sakes, it would be a wise choice to consider FCU102. The savings in set up time, callibration efforts and electricity consumption will offset most of cost of this system over manual control with signficantly quieter performance. Usually the investment would be returned in only 3 to 6 months!

Ease of Installation/Balancing

For small AC systems, a customer can save 50% of the installation and balancing time to hook up. At rates of $75 to $100 per hour for installation and balancing cost, the savings can be significant.

Electricity Saving & Set-Back Results

Consider a cost analysis of an AC system using 2 x 4 ft. FFUs typically running 250 watts at full speed. A small cleanroom was operated typically 10 hours per day, 5 days per week. A setback to 110 watts (500 RPM from 1100 RPM) was requested. Calculating the savings at a cost of $0.22 per kwh, system savings exceed $150/year. Without any other savings, the payback for controller was approximately ONE month. A good rule of thumb is for every 50 watts of power one can set-back and save, one can reduce electric consumption by more than $50.00 per year ($1/year/watt saved upon set-back).

When one includes lower installation and balancing costs, ease of reducing full speed flow to optimize the cleanroom application, and the cost saving on the filter media by extending its useful life, it is estimated that a payback of less than 3 months is realistic. Along with the lower fan noise and the flexibility to adjust and reconfigure cleanroom space, the system is now very cost effective.


System components include:

  • Ethernet to RS485 Serial Server (Model: 32104 / 32108) - Supports up to 30 individual FFCUs (60 units FFUs) each port, and total 120/240 individual FFCUs (240/480 units FFUs) for a subnet with 32104/32108. Only one Serial Server would be good for typical . For large installations, applying with 32 units 32108 Serial Servers, the total FFU capability would be 32*8*30*2=15,360 units

  • Handheld Terminal (Model: HC7001) - Provides great conveniences to operators, maintain technicans and managements monior or configure system or individual FFU anytime or anywhere. Mobile applications, diverse platforms available - iPhone 4S, iPad2, Blackberry, HP PDA, etc. Contact us if you need it on your new mobile phone...

System or Software highlights:

  • Low cost, low effort for commissioning or maintain

  • Remote maintenance and configuration via Ethernet even Internet connection

  • Convenient time scheduler for automated FFU control (speed-up or speed-down of single FFUs or groups)

  • Floor-plan layout and local control templates available and easy to use

  • Registration of each FFU run time for preventive filter maintenance

  • Event logging (status- and change logfile) for post moterm analysis

  • Easy to be integrated with DC motor control systems

a) Cleanroom Overview b) Individual FFU Control c) Zone/Group Control d) FFU Alarm Monitoring

 Figure 1. FFU Control System Human Machine Interface Examples

Technical Competitive Advantages

Competitor 1 (China) Competitor 2 (US) Our Product
FFU to be controlled 1:1 or 1:2 1:1 1:2
Speed Control Range Narrow Wide Wide
Mannual Control Onsite Additional console needed
Schedule Control
Code Access Control
Communication Protocol Self-defined Modbus RTU Modbus RTU
Address Capability 256 127 240
50/60Hz Compatible
Soft Start Partially
Harmonic Distortion Unknown Unknown Low
Data Keeping Partially
Backup Battery
Sound Alarm
Alarm Output
Multi Installation
Certification CE CE




Modbus RTU

Maximum Nodes Per Channel

30 (-40 to + 85DegC)

Network Wiring

22 to 16AWG Twisted Pair


Supply Voltage

95-250VAC, Automatically detected

Power Frequency

47-64Hz, Automatically detected

Power Consumption



Operating Temperature

-10 to +70 DegC

Non-operating Temperature

-40 to +85 DegC

Operating Humidity

25 - 90% RH @ 50 DegC, non-condensing

Non-operating Humidity

95% RH @ 50 DegC, non-condensing



L97.6mm x W106mm x H81.1mm


approx. 200g




DIN-rail Mounting, Ceiling Mounting



Power Supply


FAN Normal

Green (x2)

FAN Speed

Yellow (x2)

FAN Error (Idle, Overcurrent)

Red    (x2)

Modbus Communication



Remote/Local Select

ON/OFF Switch

Modbus Address Setting

Red DIP8 Switch


Velocity Adjustment of FAN Speed

Blue (x2)

Alarm Output

Dry contact. Sound option available



Connectors & Indicators

WARNING: Dangerous voltages are present on the circuit board when connected to the power line. Power must be removed before making any connections oradjustments to avoid electrical shock or damage to the unit.

Other Applications

  • Electrical heating control

  • Lighting control or dimming

Special Offer

Unit Price*: Euro 19.90

* Minimum Order Amount May Applied

Three-Phase AC Variable Speed Drive

Model: FCU121

Modbus RTU 50/60Hz 110-480VAC 1/2-2HP


  • 115V, 230V, 380-460V ratings available

  • Single Phase & Three inputs/ Three-phase output

  • Integrated Modbus RTU serial communications

  • Motor current and RPM LED Front Panel readout

  • 150% overload for 60 secs. (175% for 2 secs.)

  • Variable or constant torque

  • Unique programmable boost to achieve intelligent starting

  • Keypad control

  • Simple operations with powerful easy to use features

  • Fast Setup, Pre-programmed factory defaults, only 14 parameters

  • Integrated RFI Filter option

  • Small mechanical footprint

  • Rugged industrial 50 DegC ambient rating

  • Simple mechanical & electrical installation


Fan Filter Control Unit (FCU121) is a commercially competitive also heavily featured VFD available in the market, which combines functionality with robustness, reliability and easy to use programmability. The product is dedicated to Three Phase output applications where total cost are very competitive, including:

  • Competitive initial purchase price

  • Low installation costs

  • Low commissioning costs

  • Low technical support costs

Complete Product features, specifications, and electrical data, please contact us.

Order Information

Order Code Description Unit Price (Euro)*
FCU121-S-05 VSD 200-240V- 1 Phase input - 3 Phase 230V Output, 0.5HP (0.37kW), IP 20 69.90
FCU121-T-05 VSD 200-240V- 3 Phase input - 3 Phase 230V Output, 0.5HP (0.37kW), IP 20 69.90
FCU121-S-10 VSD 200-240V- 1 Phase input - 3 Phase 230V Output, 1.0HP (0.75kW), IP 20 119.90
FCU121-T-10 VSD 200-240V- 3 Phase input - 3 Phase 230V Output, 1.0HP (0.75kW), IP 20 119.90
FCU121-S-20 VSD 200-240V- 1 Phase input - 3 Phase 230V Output, 2.0HP (1.5kW), IP 20 149.90
FCU121-T-20 VSD 200-240V- 3 Phase input - 3 Phase 230V Output, 2.0HP (1.5kW), IP 20 149.90

* Minimum Order Amount may applied

DC Motor Control  LonWorks Control System

Model: 32081




  • OEM best choice for FFU manufactures

  • LonWorks core module embedded with Free Topology Transceiver

  • Easily programmed to interface different DC Motors with RS485 port

  • Acquires and reports two alarm outputs from FFU with LED indicators as united interface

  • AC power source from FFU itself

  • Simple mechanical & electrical installation


Control Unit (32081) is a dedicated designed circuit board with LonWorks and RS485 interfaces for DC motors like from EBM. It is a very fast and cost effective way to turn your FFU into native LonWorks device. Complete Product features, specifications, electrical data and sample source code, please contact us.

Another approach to integrate with other LonWorks systems, is to consider our LonWorks Serial Programmable Gateway, which could act as gateway of up to 64 DC motors to LonWorks system. STIT has worked with a few wellknown FFU manufactures successfully delivering such applications:


Order Information

Order Code Description Unit Price (Euro)*
32022-B-FFCU LonWorks Serial Programmable Gateway - FT10 - 24VDC - Preprogrammed for EBM DC Motor - DIN 169.90
32081-EBM EBM DC Motor LonWorks Interface Circuit Board 79.90

* Minimum Order Amount may applied

Other Related Products

FFU Alarm Circuit Board (Model: FCU908) - A OEM module with Modbus interface for networking and 2 alarms realtime reporting. Designed for a well known FFU manufacture. Very compact, excellent performance and cost effective. Contact us for details, or any ideas you may have for your equipments.



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