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RFID Technology

An Introduction to RFID Technology

Understanding RFID Technology RFID Activator
Research Trends in RFID Technology RFID Reader
RFID: Principles and Applications  
Active and Passive RFID: Two Distinct, But Complementary, Technologies for Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility  

RFID Application

Building a Smart Hospital using RFID Technologies  
RFID in Healthcare  

Applying RFID Technology in Nuclear Materials Management


Viewpoints & Studies

An Efficient Delegation and Transfer of Ownership Protocol for RFID tags  

Energy-Efficient Integration of WSNS with Active RFID Systems

Technologies to Reduce Power Consumption of Active RFID Readers  
RFID Noisy Reader How to Prevent from Eavesdropping on the communication?  
Indoor Location Sensing Using Active RFID  
Study on the Requirements and Options for RFID Application in Healthcare  
Feasibility and Applications of RFID Technologies to Support RIGHT-OF-WAY Functions  

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