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2015.9 2015-2018 Portfolio & Roadmap Ready

Shanghai China - September 11, 2015 - Shanghai TiGON Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (TiGON), announced today its 2015-2018 portfolio & roadmap, as core of strategic plan and fundamental of operating plans, for serving better needs of global markets. 

Shanghai TiGON Intelligence Technology is a dynamic young business, ideally positioned to become a Chinese leading provider of automation controllers and networks. The novel TiGON controllers and gateways offer desired connectivity and highest performance cost ratio available on the market that are suitable for OEM purpose. While TiGON also offers advanced automation solutions and turn-key project services for customer delights.


2014.6 ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification Achieved

Shanghai China - June 24, 2014 - Shanghai Tigon Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd. (TiGON)  has achieved quality management system certification to to ISO9001:2008, awarded by China Quality Center for next 3 years. The scope of management system certification is the design, development and manufacture of industrial automation controllers, as well as solutions and services,  and represents another key step in the company’s commercial and operational development.  

2012.1 People Tracking, Location and Evacuation Solutions for Mining Industry Released

Shanghai China - January 3, 2012 - Shanghai Tigon Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (TiGON), announced to release a innovative solution of People Tracking, Location and Evacuation, which is designed for complex environments of mining industry and targets at improving people safety especially of coal mines in China.

"The unique technologies we've developed at Shanghai Tigon Intelligence Technology enables better people and assets management, better manufacturing process control integrating with MES, better solutions and experiences for evacuation and rescue in case any accidents with people safety secured and improved. We are proud to be driving this change as we incorporate new solutions, like dual bands active RFID system for humidity and metal environments with intrinsic safety design, 3D underground GIS for real-time visualization of people and assets interacts with digital surveillance, evacuation routine real-time dynamic calculation and instruction broadcasting with variable volume and frequency sounds considering human factors, etc.," said GuiFang SUN, CEO of TiGON. "We welcome all kinds of cooperation based on this innovative solution, including system integration, technology transfer or licensing out, commercial partnership, further technology and financial investments for next generation platform."


2011.11 Gaolin Automation Equipment (Suzhou) Compay Ltd. Acquired

Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China - November 21, 2011 - Shanghai Tigon Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (TiGON), a Chinese leading provider of industrial automation controllers, and SuZhou Gaolin Automation Equipment  Co.,Ltd. (SGAE), a provider of lamp testing equipments for automotive & bicycle industries, have entered a definitive agreement for TiGON to acquire SGAE 51% shares in cash based on yesterday's market values.

The combination of the two companies will further strengthen TiGON's leadership position in the industrial automation market by extending the company's presence to 2 new industries across China. SGAE will integrate industrial controllers and control systems from TiGON into its new testing platforms, while TiGON will integrate SGAE's testing equipment business and operations, including its manufacturing center in Suzhou.




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