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Electronics Design Service


A customer with a new product requirement will contact us. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may be executed at this time to protect the customer's proprietary information. The customer's requirements are reviewed to determine the best approach for developing the product based on the following information:

  • What are the functional requirements of the product?

  • What are the physical constraints of the product (size, weight, controls, indicators, connectors, etc.)?

  • What is the operating environment (temperature range, humidity, vibration, etc.)?

  • What power source will be used?

  • Are there any specific standards that the product must meet?

  • What countries will the product be sold in (what agency approvals are needed)?

  • How quickly are production units required?

  • How many units will be produced?

  • What is the cost target?

Once requirements are clearly identified with no outstanding technical concerns, a quotation to develop the product will be provided. The quotation may includes two options: a) a fixed price for development, and an estimated price for production; or b) a target price for production unit with a minimum order quantity, as well as refundable sample price. There is no charge to the customer for the product requirements review and quotation.

A feasibility study may be required prior to engaging in product development should there be unresolved technical issues. A no cost quotation would be provided covering the feasibility study.


Upon acceptance of the proposal, the customer issues a purchase order and provides the required deposit to commence the project. Depending on the nature of the project, there will be specific milestones that can include design reviews, acceptance tests, and deliveries.


Hardware delivered will be covered by a parts and labour limited warranty (subject to change according to quoted warranty and liability conditions).

  What you might want to know

  Our Hardware/Firmware Capabilities

  • Development of embedded processors (XScale, Power PC), MCU, CPLD, FPGA, X86, ARM, PPC, DSP from various manufactures

  • State-of-the-art EDA tools like Protel, Mentor, Cadence

  • Applications based on uCLinux, RTOS (uCOS), Tornado (vxWorks, RTLinux)

  • Programming in assembly lanuages, C or C++

  • Implementation of LonWorks, HART, Modbus, TCP/IP, CAN, DeviceNet, Zigbee, ISA100.11a Protocol Suites

  • Expertise of industrial electronics design for large amount manufacturing



Manufacturing Service


TiGON offers production capabilities outsourcing to small to medium size companies, to help them reduce costs and focus on real value added tasks like order fulfillment. The wide variety of manufacturing services being provided include:

  • Turn-key manufacturing of your products

  • Component Purchasing and Warehousing

  • Assembly to ISO9001:2000 and TS16949 Quality Standards

  • Device Programming

  • Surface Mount and Through Hole Designs

  • Single and Two-Sided Components Assemblies

  • Functional Testing

  • Packaging











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