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STIT has rich experience assisting the industry in the improvement of their processes - e.g.,

  • Bottleneck identification                        

  • Losses detection and quantification

  • Process quality and reliability improvement

  • Inventory reduction

  • Real time operation optimization

  • Maintenance expenses reduction

  • Downtime reduction

  • Supply chain economic optimization

  • Customer service improvement

Also the expertise in these specific problems of the industry allows us freely select vendors to offer integral solutions that range from the plant floor to the corporate management systems, and best satisfy the requirements of the case and offers the highest return on investment.

  • Asset Management System

  • Supply Chain Management System

  • Production Schedule & Planning System

  • Process Monitoring & Audit System

  • Manufacturing Information System

  • Production Accounting and Data Reconciliation

  • Optimization & Advanced Control

  • Simulation & Modeling

  • Other solutions

We are fully aware that each case has its particular needs or requirements, please contact us so that we could assist you in finding best solution...


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